Matthias Trinker
Chief Financial Officer, ficonTEC Service GmbH
Matthias Trinker | Chief Financial Officer, ficonTEC Service GmbH

Matthias Trinker is the Chief Financial Officer of ficonTEC Service GmbH, a top manufacturer of semi-automatic and fully automated production and testing equipment. Based in Hamburg, Germany, ficonTEC is the market leader in the field of micro-optics such as laser diode manufacture, optoelectronics, medical technology, security and military engineering, and telecommunications. Mr. Trinker, an expert in finance and accounting, Mr. Trinker strives for excellence in his endeavors to keep the company at the vanguard of the industry. With more than 15 years of professional experience under his belt, Mr. Trinker makes the most of his skills and expertise by remaining swiftly at the forefront of strategy development in the financial services sector.

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Matthias Trinker
Chief Financial Officer
ficonTec Service GmbH
Specializing in Finance and Accounting
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